BarkBuilder is an intelligent
website builder + e-commerce platform
for growing businesses.

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Why choose BarkBuilder?

  • No "setup fees" for design. We've all seen it from other website companies out there: "Pay the low, one-time setup fee of (usually between $500 and $1,500), and then a monthly fee of $____." We have a better idea. How about $0? Want to change your theme after the fact? No problem. Still $0.

  • Everything is included. Unlike products like WordPress and Joomla, with which you have to to find a developer and a company to host your website, you don't here. BarkBuilder is an all-inclusive service that includes your website hosting and complete access to our content management system.

  • Mobile-ready websites. Mobile is an ever-growing landscape, ubiquitous, and extremely important. All of our themes are mobile-friendly. If you like, you can even create separate experiences for varying screen sizes using our Style Sheet Editor.

  • Total design flexibility. You have total control of layout, fonts, colors, images, and so on. If you're a designer or developer, you'll also be happy to know that we provide layered Photoshop artwork for most of our templates along with the ability to modify CSS code.

  • Unlimited bandwidth. In our experience, people despise overage charges. Whether it's a cell phone, internet usage or website hosting, those surprise bills never go over well. Here's an idea: No bandwidth limits. Whether you have 10 people browsing your website or 100,000, there are no bandwidth fees associated with BarkBuilder.

  • Feature-rich. Control every page. Change your design. Post videos. Build your own forms. Take registrations. Create blogs. Create a store. Manage event calendars. Enhance your SEO. Display photo galleries. Lock down secure areas. Upload media. Integrate third-party scripts. And even code if you want to.