Hosted and Secure

Hosting is Included

No need to go out and find a hosting solution; everything is included. If you're concerned about bandwidth caps, don't be; we offer unlimited bandwidth.

Secured at a Certified Data Center

Your website and data are secured on our servers inside of a certified data center with redundant power and telco backups. Backups are performed on a regular basis.

Bug Fixes are Free

With the number of improvements that are always being made, and the rate at which new web browser versions are released, bugs are bound to happen. When they do, we fix them at no cost to our users. Updates are posted in our BarkBuilder Change Log of our 4.0 dashboard.

New Features are Continually Being Added

We're not happy with status quo. We are continually adding new features and improvements to BarkBuilder. We are here to serve.

Your Own iOS / Android Mobile App

Your Own iOS / Android Mobile App