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    Step 4.5: Using the Content Module

    The Content Module is the module you will most likely be using the most. The content module will be used to insert text, images, and embed features like vimeo, youtube and other third party plugins.This module is located in your page editor in the right tool bar.When you first drag it on to your page a box will pop up.You will see some content already filled in the module, this is filler ...

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    Step 5: Understanding Widgets

    Page Banners: You can use your page banner to display information and rotate through images. You can even insert text over top of your banner images. Note: Your home page is where the banners are usually located, but you are able to add banners on every page if you like.   To edit your banner, select ‘Edit’ or the little gear icon. A window will pop up on your page.   &...

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    Domain / Email Options: What options do I have for my domain and email?

    This article serves to outline the different methods of attaching a domain name to your account. It assumes that you have already registered and own your domain name.All domain names must be initially registered and then renewed on an annual basis. The annual cost to do so is quite small - around $20 (or less) depending upon whether it is a .com, .ca, .org or .net address. If you wish to register a...

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    Using the Poll Module

    The poll Module is a great tool to record a vote or conduct a simple group survey. You can create your own questions with your own answers that people can choose from.   After a user votes or selects an option, they will be shown the overall results from the compiled votes. Here is how to add a poll module to your site.  You will first need to create a Poll in your Module Management. ...

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    Understanding the Teaser Widget

    The Teaser Widget allows you to show the “compact view” of your module on any page in your website.   A Teaser Widget can be used for the following Modules:   Blogs Photo Gallery Audio/Video Events News Resources Mailing List Payment/ Donations   In order to create a teaser, you first need to place a module on a page somewhere within your website and save...

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    Using the Locations Module

    The Locations Module enables visitors of your website to find locations that you’ve mapped out for them. Note, the Locations module is only available with certain Suites. If you don't see Locations under Module Management, you may need to upgrade to a more comprehensive suite. Click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your Dashboard to start a conversation with us about this! &n...

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    Migration Tool

    You will first need to login to your BarkBuilder 4.0 site or be trying 4.0 through your current 3.0 website. When logged in click the following link:   This will allow you to migrate your data and content from 3.0 to 4.0

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    Changing Fonts

    When you are in your page editor view, first click the quick styles button in the top left corner.     Select Personalize       The new fonts will apply to your website                               

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    Embed Youtube or Vimeo videos into your site

    To add a YouTube, Vimeo, or other related videos to your website, following these steps: STEP ONE Find the video you want on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Copy the "Embed" code usually found in when you click share button located under video STEP TWO Login to your Dashboard. Click "Site Content" at the top and click "Modify" for the page you wish to add your video to. Insert a content modu...

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    Configuring Microsoft Outlook for Email

    1. Click the File tab, select Info, click the Account Settings button, and then click Account Settings. Outlook 2007: From the Tools menu, select Account Settings. Outlook 2003: From the Tools menu,select E-mail Accounts. Select Add a new e-mail account and then click Next. Office 365 : From the Tools menu, select Account Settings. 2. Click New to add your Hover email address...